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The list seats1314@dnso.org is open.

The GNSO Council elects 2 ICANN Board directors: seats 13 and 14.
See ICANN Bylaws http://www.icann.org/general/bylaws.htm adopted
in 2003.

The first election is conducted in 2003.

  * The seat 13 director will sit on the Board from mid 2003
    until second quarter 2004
  * The seat 14 director will sit on the Board from mid 2003
    until second quarter 2005.

Publishing procedures and results in annual votes

Each time the GNSO Council elects ICANN Board directors the reminder
of procedures, the specific annual timeline and the record of nominations
will be published on the website.
The following convention will be used (here for 2003):

A. Main access to annual election details
   The main document will link to all documents below.

B. Nomination procedures with timeline, template, email for posting
   and URL of archives of nominations

C. Record of nominations and acceptances:

D. Record of votes, results and ratifications:

E. Notification of results from the GNSO Secretariat to the ICANN Board:

Reminder from GNSO Voting Procedures:


The voting will be "Convention Style" voting. This consists of sequential
rounds during which the candidates with the lowest number votes are
eliminated until a single candidate receives a majority of the votes
on the GNSO Council.


There are 3 members per GNSO Constituency for 6 Constituencies.
The members of gTLD Registries and Registrars cast two votes each,
the members of Business, ISPCP, IPC and NCUC cast one vote each.
Only the existing eighteen members of the GNSO Council are entitled
to vote, so there are a total of 24 votes to be cast and a majority is 13.

   2. The number of votes that members of the GNSO Council may cast
      shall be equalized so that the aggregate number of votes of
      representatives selected by the Constituencies (currently
      the gTLD Registries and Registrars) that are under contract
      with ICANN obligating them to implement ICANN-adopted policies
      is equal to the number of votes of representatives selected
      by other Constituencies. Initially, each member of the GNSO
      Council selected by the gTLD Registries Constituency or the
      Registrars Constituency shall be entitled to cast two votes
      and all other members (including those selected by the
      Nominating Committee) shall be entitled to cast one vote.
      In the event that there is a change in the Constituencies
      that are entitled to select voting members of the Names Council,
      the Board shall review the change in circumstances and
      by resolution revise the procedure for equalization of votes
      in a manner consistent with this paragraph 2.


The arrangements regarding disclosure of voting will be very similar
to the procedures followed in the past by the DNSO Names Council
in its selection of members to the ICANN Board.

For references to the past procedures, see


Here are the arrangements:

1. In accordance with a decision as noted in:

   Public archiving of the GNSO Council list will not be stopped.
   A separate archive and mailing list will be created for the
   purpose of managing elections going forward. This list will
   (a) exclude those Council members who are candidates;
   but include (b) any liaisons from the ALAC or ccTLD or GAC
   to the GNSO Council; and (c) the GNSO Secretariat.
   The list recipients and archiving will be concluded at the end
   of the process (step 7 below).

   This list name is seats1314@dnso.org, and archives are

2. Messages posted to the list should be treated as confidential
   until the end of the elections. The GNSO Secretariat may, however,
   disclose them to the General Counsel to the extent appropriate
   to obtain advice about how to handle procedural problems that
   arise during the voting process.

3. Ballots will be sent out individually to each GNSO Council
   members' e-mail address.

4. Ballots should be filled out and returned to the e-mail address
   stated in the ballot. They should not be copied to any e-mail list.

5. At the scheduled times, the Secretariat will announce the results
   of each round of balloting by sending a message to the mailing list.
   These announcements will include:

   a. The number of votes received by each candidate;
   b. The names of the GNSO Council members from whom ballots were
      received; and
   c. The confidential code number of each ballot and the candidate
      for whom it was voted.

   Item 5(c) will allow each GNSO Council member to double-check that
   his or her ballot was properly understood, but will not allow others
   to determine how the member voted.

6. Discussion among the GNSO Council members during the voting
   process may occur on the mailing list. These discussions will be
   private during the voting process, but will be available as public
   archives after the process for selecting the seat is completed.
   Please note that the General Counsel will not be a recipient
   of the list during this period, so he should be copied on any
   particular message that you wish to bring to his attention.

7. The GNSO Council will confirm the results of the voting at its meeting
   immediately following the round when results provide for elected person.
   Once that occurs, the GNSO Secretariat will prepare and post
   a full record of all voting, including how each member voted
   in each round. The mailing list and the archives of the list
   during the period between steps 1 and 7 will become publicly available.


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