Record of votes, results and ratification of GNSO election of ICANN Board member Seat 13 in 2003


There are 3 members per GNSO Constituency for 6 Constituencies. The members of gTLD Registries and Registrars cast two votes each, the members of Business, ISPCP, IPC and NCUC cast one vote each. Only the existing eighteen members of the GNSO Council are entitled to vote, so there are a total of 24 votes to be cast and a majority is 13.


  1. gTLD Registries, NorthA (.us) - Jeff Neuman
  2. gTLD Registries, Europe (.se) - Cary Karp
  3. gTLD Registries, AsiaPac (.nz) - Jordyn Buchanan
  4. Registrars, NorthA (.us) - Ken Stubbs
  5. Registrars, Europe (.de) - Thomas Keller
  6. Registrars, AsiaPac (.au) - Bruce Tonkin
  7. Business,Europe (.uk) - Philip Sheppard
  8. Business, NorthA (.us) - Marilyn Cade
  9. Business, AsiaPac (.nz) - Grant Forsyth
  10. ISPCP, LatinAC (.ar) - Antonio Harris
  11. ISPCP, Europe (.uk) - Tony Holmes
  12. ISPCP, NorthAm (.us) - Greg Ruth
  13. NCUC, AsiaPac (.kr) - Eung Hwi Chun
  14. NCUC, NorthAm (.us) - Milton Mueller
  15. NCUC, LatinAC (.ar) - Gabriel Piñeiro
  16. Intellectual Property, NorthA (.us) - Lynda Roesch
  17. Intellectual Property, Europe (.fr) - Laurence Djolakian
  18. Intellectual Property, AsiaPac (.il) - Ellen Shankman

Record of votes and results:

  1. First round
  2. Time line

    1. 07 May 2003, 15:00 UTC - First-round ballot distributed by secretariat
    2. 16 May 2003, 15:00 UTC - All ballots from first round must be returned to secretariat
    3. 19 May 2003, 15:00 UTC - Secretariat announces results of first-round ballot

    After the 1st round of voting the following votes were registered:

    1. Alejandro Pisanty 22 votes
      1 vote against
      1 abstention

    Total 24 votes

    The votes were cast as follows (the codes below match those on the ballots the voters received; each voter can ascertain that his or her vote was counted correctly):

    Public results (sorted by personal code)
     K10c6Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     K131eZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty (Power 02)
     K1f21Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     K36c7Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty (Power 02)
     K3fafZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     K47e9Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     K4931Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     K4deeZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     K56a7Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty (Power 02)
     K5e9aZ:[x] ABSTAIN from this vote
     K767cZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty (Power 02)
     K7d3dZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     K88deZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty (Power 02)
     K8d30Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     Kb9efZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty (Power 02)
     Kda9dZ:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     Ke761Z:[x] FOR Alejandro Pisanty
     Ke7dbZ:[x] AGAINST Alejandro Pisanty

    More details at: http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/seats1314/Arc00/.


Ratification of vote:

During the GNSO Council teleconference held on 22 May 2003.


Full record on who voted for whom:

Ellen Shankman     [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Cary Karp          [x] Alejandro Pisanty (2 votes)
Thomas Keller      [x] Alejandro Pisanty (2 votes)
Ken Stubbs         [x] Alejandro Pisnaty (2 votes)
Antonio Harris     [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Jeff Neuman        [x] Alejandro Pisanty (2 votes)
Bruce Tonkin       [x] Alejandro Pisanty (2 votes)
Laurence Djolakian [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Eung Hwi Chun      [x] AGAINST Alejandro Pisanty
Philip Sheppard    [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Marilyn Cade       [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Grant Forsyth      [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Greg Ruth          [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Lynda Roesch       [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Tony Holmes        [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Gabriel Pineiro    [x] Alejandro Pisanty
Milton Mueller     [x] ABSTAIN from this vote
Jordyn Buchanan    [x] Alejandro Pisanty (2 votes)

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