DNSO election of ICANN Board member in 2001

    ICANN Bylaws

    The Bylaws of ICANN request that once a year the DNSO elects its member of the ICANN Board and set forth some additional conditions related to eligibility and geographic diversity.

    ARTICLE V, Section 9 (b) and (c)

    (b) Prior to October 1 of each year beginning in the year 2001, each Supporting Organization entitled to select a Director (other than an Original Director selected by the Supporting Organization under Section 2 of this Article) shall (i) make its selection according to the procedures specified by Article VI (including Articles VI-A, VI-B, and VI-C), and (ii) give the Board and the Secretary of the Corporation at least fifteen days written notice of that selection. The term of such a Director shall commence on the October 1 after the Secretary's receipt of such written notice.

    (c) The regular term of office of a Director shall be three (3) years, [...]

    ARTICLE VI, Section 4

    No person shall serve simultaneously as (i) a member of any Supporting Organization Council or other body that is directly responsible for the selection of Directors by that Supporting Organization and (ii) a Director or a member of any other Supporting Organization Council. If a member of any such Supporting Organization Council or such other body accepts a nomination to be considered to serve on the Board, such member shall not, following such acceptance, participate in any discussion of, or vote by, such Supporting Organization Council or other body relating to the selection of Directors by such Council or other body.

    ARTICLE VI-B, Section 2 (e)

    (e) The NC shall forward to the Board, from among those persons nominated by the GA, its selection(s) for the Director(s) to fill any open Board position(s) reserved for the DNSO. Any such selection(s) must have the affirmative votes of at least one-half (1/2) of all the members of the NC. At any given time, no two Directors serving on the Board selected by the NC shall be citizens of the same country or of countries located in the same Geographic Region.

    Geographic diversity rule applied to year 2001 election

    The current ICANN Board comprises three Directors elected by the DNSO:

    1. Alejandro Pisanty (Mexico; Latin America/Caribbean Islands region) (three year term, expires 2002)
    2. Amadeu Abril I Abril (Spain; Europe region) (two year term, expires 2001)
    3. Jonathan Cohen (Canada; North America region) (three years term, expires 2003)

    The tenure of Amadeu Abril I Abril from Europe region ends on 30 September 2001. With regard to geographic diversity rules, the candidates for election in 2001 shall be citizens from any of 3 regions:

    - Africa region
    - Asia and Pacific region
    - Europe region

    Procedures for nomination of candidates to the ICANN Board position by the General Assembly of the DNSO and a timetable

    On 2 June 2001 in Stockholm the NC has resolved that the next ICANN Board director election will take place in September 2001.

    11. DNSO Board election.
    Amadeu Abril i Abril's tenure ends in September. The NC is urged
    to propose candidates for the election which will take place in
    September with a view to the new member being in place for October.
    The Secretariat will make the formal call.

    The Names Council has resolved to use the same procedures for nomination, acceptance of nomination and endorsement as the ones used last year.

    The Secretariat has determined the following calendar for nominations:

    1. Candidates for year 2001 election may be nominated between the 17 July and 7 August 2001 (3 weeks).
    2. Any nominee can express his/her acceptance or declination from the time he is nominated, until 3 hours after closing the nomination period.
    3. In order to be considered for the ICANN Board selection a nominee must have the support of, at least, 10 members of the General Assembly of the DNSO. The endorsement will be received between 7 August and 28 August 2001 (3 weeks).

    The detailed nomination procedures adapted for the ICANN Board election in 2001 are in http://www.dnso.org/elections/2001.DNSO-ICANN-nomination-proc.html.

    A list of nominations, acceptances and their endorsements will be permanently updated in http://www.dnso.org/elections/2001.DNSO-ICANN-nominees.html.

    Procedures for vote to be used by the Names Council to select the ICANN Board Director and a timetable

    The Names Council has resolved to use a Convention-Style voting procedure to select the ICANN Board Director.

    The Names Council vote will take time between 29 August and 15 September 2001, by e-mail and during a serie of NC teleconferences.

    It is expected that the results will be announced no later than 16 September 2001. The written notification of the selection result will be sent to the ICANN Board and published on the DNSO web site at the same date.

    The Convention-Stype procedure for the ICANN Board election in 2001 is in http://www.dnso.org/elections/2001.DNSO-ICANN-voting-proc.html.

    Full record of votes

    During the Names Council electronic vote between 29 August and 15 September 2001 the public archiving of the council@dnso.org list will be temporarily stoped.

    The full record of votes (who voted for whom) will be discosed at the end of selection process, after the acceptance of the results by the ICANN Board. The council@dnso.org list will be reopen at the same time.

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