DNSO election of ICANN Board member in 2001

Convention-Style voting procedure used for the DNSO selection of ICANN Board members

A rough outline of the rules that would govern a convention-style voting procedure.

    1. The list of Director nominees is presented to the NC.
    2. Each NC member votes for one nominee.
    3. The nominees are ranked by the number of votes received, and the NC is informed of the result.
    4. The lowest vote-getting nominee is eliminated from the list. [For the first round, all nominees receiving zero votes *and* the lowest vote-getting nominee are eliminated from the list.]
    5. The procedure is repeated with the new (reduced) list.
    6. A winner is declared when a nominee receives 11 or more of the NC's 21 votes.

    In order to reduce the number of rounds of voting, the NC might eliminate the *two* lowest vote-getting nominees after each round (until such time as three nominees remain, at which point the *one* lowest vote-getting nominee is eliminated).


    To conduct a convention-style election by email:

    The disadvantage of this method is that it will be time-consuming and at least some NC members will likely miss the deadline for at least some rounds of voting. At least 24 hours will be required for each round, unless the NC members agree in advance to check their email (for example) every 8 hours over the course of a 3-day period.


    To conduct a convention-style election by phone and email:

    Under this scenario, the NC members will be voting during a teleconference. There is a guarantee that nobody will miss any round, the second telephone line providing for a backup of difficult situations (no email access).

    This variation allows for secret voting, but may actually lengthen the teleconference due to (i) the time necessary to call the NC members without email access, and (ii) the time required for the Secretariat to read the emails and tally the votes.

    The past NC experience indicates that one vote request for one hour time, and that it is not wise to expect to last the teleconference for more than two hours.

    Under this scenario the teleconferences shall be scheduled on consecutive days.

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