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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

Harald and all,

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> At 23:15 12.01.00 -0800, Jeff Williams wrote:
> >Joe and all,
> >
> >   Well Joe, you are of course entitled to your opinion.  Others may or
> >may not agree with it.  Several so far do, and several so far do not.
> >The problem here is that disregarding well documented "Best Practice"
> >to which the IETF and some on this list have subscribed to publicly
> >cannot in good faith be applied inconsistently, and has been suggested
> >with keeping the Majordomo 'Who' command.
> FYI, IETF lists are now routinely operated without any "who" command.

  None of the ones I am on operate that way.  But you may know more
about this than I do.  But I will check to be sure.

> >   Hence I suggested,
> >that doing so is problematic and circumventable.  This has been
> >demonstrated already.
> Actually the revelation of the claimed identity of people who *post to* the
> list is relatively noncontroversial, I think.

  I suppose that depends on whom you ask, eh?  But I do agree, as have others
that some form of identifying members of the list should be implemented.  This
was why I amongst others supported Roeland Mayers proposal, if you
recall.  The illegitimately elected NC rejected that proposal.

> What bothered a great many about "who" is that it removes the ability of
> *listening* in peace, and (in the case of using BCC mails to attempt to
> circumvent list blocks) removes the ability to *stop* the flow of
> information by removing oneself from the list.

  I am not sure you said what you mean here Harald.  The 'Who' command
provides little protection or ability to hide in the shadows or not receive
posts from those that have been illegitimately SELECTIVELY CENSORED,
as you well know.

>                          Harald A
> --
> Harald Tveit Alvestrand, EDB Maxware, Norway
> Harald.Alvestrand@edb.maxware.no


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