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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

>>  My two cents.  I feel that everyone has the right to speak.  I also
>>  feel that everyone should have the right to choose not to listen.
> As in ANY forum, when one is disruptive, and insists on continuing to be
> disruptive, limits are placed on their rights, by their own action.

 Agreed.  And I believe that the limit imposed upon them is that they are
 not permitted to post to the "filtered" list, or at least to a sanctioned
 list where it is understood by all who choose to use it that certain
 individuals are not permitted to post there.

 We are deciding whether or not to block certain individuals from the
 official record for being "disruptive" Yes, we block Baptista and JW now,
 and everyone is happy, but what happens when your ideas, William, are not
 shared by those who are in control of the blocks, and they begin to find
 you "disruptive"?   That is the issue I'd like to see addressed.

Alex Kamantauskas