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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

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On 13-Jan-2000 Alex Kamantauskas wrote:
>>>  My two cents.  I feel that everyone has the right to speak.  I also
>>>  feel that everyone should have the right to choose not to listen.
>> As in ANY forum, when one is disruptive, and insists on continuing to be
>> disruptive, limits are placed on their rights, by their own action.
>  Agreed.  And I believe that the limit imposed upon them is that they are
>  not permitted to post to the "filtered" list, or at least to a sanctioned
>  list where it is understood by all who choose to use it that certain
>  individuals are not permitted to post there.
>  We are deciding whether or not to block certain individuals from the
>  official record for being "disruptive" Yes, we block Baptista and JW now,
>  and everyone is happy, but what happens when your ideas, William, are not
>  shared by those who are in control of the blocks, and they begin to find
>  you "disruptive"?   That is the issue I'd like to see addressed.

I would think that the public outcry would have quite an effect.  But you don't
see any public outcry for those two people, because the blocks were justified.

I trust the rules to be sufficiently transparent, and the consequences for
acting too harsh under them, to feel quite comfortable with them.  I will
admit, had I drawn up the rules, I would of gone a bit farther.

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