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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

Jeff Williams writes:
 > Bret and all,
 >   I completely agree with Brett here.  Although there are ways around this
 > disabling, it is not a "Best Practice" in which to operate the Majordomo
 > command functions.  Should the DNSO List admin. Fail to restore the
 > 'Who' command, I may find it advantageous to reveal how it can be
 > circumvented to a number or "Interested Parties".  I would therefore
 > suggest strongly that the Majordomo Commands, all of them be restored,
 > is a wise and prudent thing to do.

This is as clear an example of disruptive and anti-social behavior as I
have ever seen, outside of the so-called joe baptista.  This kind of
posting is exactly the reason that we need the rules that Harald
proposed implemented ASAP.