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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

>> I completely agree with Brett here.  Although there are ways around
>> this disabling, it is not a "Best Practice" in which to operate the
>> Majordomo command functions.  Should the DNSO List admin. Fail to
>> restore the 'Who' command, I may find it advantageous to reveal how it
>> can be circumvented to a number or "Interested Parties".  I would
>> therefore suggest strongly that the Majordomo Commands, all of them be
>> restored, is a wise and prudent thing to do.
> This is as clear an example of disruptive and anti-social behavior as I
> have ever seen, outside of the so-called joe baptista.  This kind of
> posting is exactly the reason that we need the rules that Harald
> proposed implemented ASAP.

 I fail to see why.  The only reason that I even saw Jeff's message is
 because you reposted it.  He was filtered out quite efficiently by my own
 procmail recipe.  

 There are two ways to get rid of disruptive and non-contributory posters
 You can either ban or censor them, or ignore them.  If you ban/censor
 All they want is a reaction.  Banning or censoring them constitutes a
 "reaction".  If they get ignored, they will eventually leave.  

 My two cents.  I feel that everyone has the right to speak.  I also feel
 that everyone should have the right to choose not to listen.

Alex Kamantauskas