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Re: [ga] Majordomo 'who' command

On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Joe Kelsey wrote:

> You are really just asking to have this list closed down, aren't you?

absolutely not.  i expect rules that work.  not this policy piece of
trash.  The people here need to be empowered - and order must be
established.  I understand the rules of order and their application on
humanity.  this assembly must be whipped into shape as a trully democratic
form.  don't expect me to be part of the audience and follow the IBM
script for world domination.  I'm not into soap operas.  I want a working
solution, but if we don't get one quick - i don't mind sitting back and
watching the fire, and will be the first to light it.  it is my public
duty as a human being.

> What exactly do you think that these disruptive, anti-social antics will
> accomplish?  

So far i'm impressed with my accomplishments.  The fight has been long and
hard, but it's been good, a swift.  Overall things have been mostly boring
here - but there is hope.

> So far, all you have accomplished is make more enemies. 

Enemies are important.  Please understand I don't do anything without a
battle plan - and all battles require emenies.  To the common person - an
enemy is sort of like the references the dnso names council made to those
who fight the good fight.  The Names Council feels tortured.  Maybe that's
how you see an enemy.  That however is not the way an enemy squares in my
books of account.

Not being common, I don't share your position.  To me - an true enemy, as
opposed to an enemy you pay to be an enemy (in fiction if not in fact) is
a valuable asset with low cost maintenance.  A true enemy is nurtured - in
an appropriate way.

Never forget that Joe.

> No
> one has paid any attention to anything you have said and continuing to
> threaten just makes you look more and more childish with every post.

I'm not threatening.  In fact I'm thinking of calling an election.

And as for people not paying attention - i feel your wrong - i'm getting
the appropriate readings and am very pleased with the way people have been
discussing the issues.  As Rodney King - the black guy who was beat up in
LA and the riots thingy said "Can't we all get along".

No we can't Joe. that's why we need rules.  And while were at it we'll
empower the GA.  That's worth mmy time ;-)


oley ..

Joe Baptista