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[ga] DNSO ROR Comments

>The following entities have the right to post to the GA mailing list:
>- GA members who are members of the GA mailing list, posting in their own name,
>  who have posting rights in good standing
>- The staff of the DNSO list management
 This rule will not allow posting of an anonymous or pseudo-anonymous message.  It may be desirable or necessary for a member of this list to post in such a way to express his or her interest without revealing her identity.

>The following rules apply to content of messages on the GA list:
>- The messages must be relevant to the business of the GA
>- The messages must observe a minimum of decorum, including:
>  - Not indulging in personal attacks, insults or slander
>  - Not using offensive language
>- If the GA Chair or Sergeant-at-arms asks for a limit to the number of posts
>  per person per day, this must be respected
>- The size of messages should be kept reasonable
 I could not tell you what "business" we are supposed to accomplish here.  I would agree to decide to collectively limit our topics of discussion.  But why should it be that Harald or another Chair person will single-handily decide our collective "business"?  
 I also believe the term "offensive language" is ambiguous.  I believe that we should enforce one set of rules and standards verse one person, and a different set of another person.  More specificity is needed.

>If the GA Chair or Sergeant-at-arms asks for a limit to the number of posts
>per person per day, this must be respected
 I imagine this would apply to the list as a whole.  I do not believe people should be penalized for adamantly asserting their position by responding to multple postings to which they disagree.

> A Sergeant-At-Arms may impose 2 sanctions against offenders:
 The Sergeant-at-arms therefore has "discretion" to selectively enforce this policy.  This could have potentially dangerous results.

                I find the cure worse than the disease.  I am opposed to implementing such restrictions on this mailing list.  I am perfectly capable of hitting my delete key for messages I choose not to read.

Randy Canis
Attorney and Webmaster (ZakkWylde.com & BrianTichy.com)