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[ga] Re: list of ga postings and emails

I'm certainly entertained.  With the publication of their rules set -
which the NC has choosen over the RRO, I think it's time I do a little

As an influencial member of this list - i.e. I can't be silenced - I think
i'm going to be pressing a few buttons this weekend to move the GA in the
right direction.  So far the proposed GA rules are an utter shame.  There
is no perceedure - except for implied abstractions.

And of course, the arbitrary rules set being again imposed on us by decree
- is an utter shame.

There are days Jeff when I am personally ashamed of being human.  Most of
the times I can deal with it by assuming it was some cosmic mistake.  But
the stupidity of people I see around me is truly amazing.  This I assure
you is the only planet in the universe where the capacity to self destruct
is absolute yet one can still tune in the comedy channel.

There is no star trek - but tourism?


On Wed, 12 Jan 2000, Jeff Williams wrote:

> Joe and all,
>   ROFLMAO!  Well so much for the not reveling the E-Mail addresses
> anyway.  Maybe a DNSO News site is in order here for obvious
> purposes.  A little sunshine here may shed some 'Light' on several things,
> eh?
> !Dr. Joe Baptista wrote:
> > Here's a little list of all the posting to all forums on the ga - with
> > number of posting for each email.  I don't know how accurate this is.  I
> > get the impression messages are missing.  I'm not going to check my
> > results - because it's not worth the efforts - but at least the email
> > addresses are available.
> >
> > Regards
> > Joe Baptista
> >
> >
> Regards,
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