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Re: [ga] Re: Suspension of Voting Rights

At 09:13 30.04.2001 -0400, babybows.com wrote:
>Consider this possibility:
>Every day some 35,000 new domain registrations are processed, with fees
>ranging from $9 to $35 for such services.  This equates to 12,775,000
>registrations per annum.  If only 3 cents from every registration was to be
>set aside for the administrative and operational costs of the DNSO, our per
>annum funding would be $383,250 (more than sufficient for our needs).

Remember to deduce the $$$ required for lawyer fees in order to get those 
contracts modified....

>Now some might consider this to be a form of "taxation", and I agree that
>there should be no taxation without representation - hence it becomes
>necessary under this proposal to grant Constituency status to both
>Individuals and to Small Business (long overdue anyway).

Another possible form of representation would be to grant domain name 
owners one vote per registered domain name in a totally-integrated "domian 
name owners' constituency". But see below for what I think is the real 

>This approach solves several of our problems at once without putting
>anyone's rights at risk.  It creates new constituencies (enhancing necessary
>representation), it fully funds the DNSO in perpetuity, and the mechanism is
>relatively painless for all concerned.

This was tried very early (the USD 30 "infrastructure surcharge" on the 
then-USD 100 .com registration charge). This was overturned after an outcry 
that involved, among other things, the US Congress.
Unfortunately the arguments used do not seem sensitive to the size of the 
surcharge; trying to take 3 cents might be as hard as taking 30 dollars.


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