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[ga] Re: Suspension of Voting Rights

It has previously been mentioned that collectively small businesses and
individuals register well over 80% of all domain names.  Yet we do not have
a Small Business Constituency nor do we have an Individual's Constituency in
the DNSO.  How can we solve this problem of inadequate representation and
simultaneously solve the problem of inadequate funding that currently
jeopardizes our members' voting rights in the Names Council?

Consider this possibility:
Every day some 35,000 new domain registrations are processed, with fees
ranging from $9 to $35 for such services.  This equates to 12,775,000
registrations per annum.  If only 3 cents from every registration was to be
set aside for the administrative and operational costs of the DNSO, our per
annum funding would be $383,250 (more than sufficient for our needs).

Now some might consider this to be a form of "taxation", and I agree that
there should be no taxation without representation - hence it becomes
necessary under this proposal to grant Constituency status to both
Individuals and to Small Business (long overdue anyway).

This approach solves several of our problems at once without putting
anyone's rights at risk.  It creates new constituencies (enhancing necessary
representation), it fully funds the DNSO in perpetuity, and the mechanism is
relatively painless for all concerned.

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