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[ga] walk before you run

This was clipped from the location listed below.  It is a perfect
example of how lawyers can draft words that are meaningless.  I do not
mean this as a negative of lawyers, but of their clients, in this case

But please do note the outright lies.  This process was never endorsed
by a "wide range of ICANN's stakeholders".  That is a baldfaced ugly
disgusting lie.  It is fraud and deceipt in the worst way, it claims
popular endorsement to which it had none.

But do not be emotional, look at it logically; they had to *say* that
because it is required by law.  This kind of analysis of legal wrangling
will give you a clue as to the extend of our staff's improper conduct.
There is no regard for truth in ICANN's BoD or Staff.


    We note that this "walk-before-you-run" objective was the result of
an exhaustive consensus development process, endorsed by a wide range of
ICANN's stakeholders.  Most notably, it was the stated recommendation of
the two ICANN Supporting Organizations  the Domain Name Supporting
Organization (DNSO) and the Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO) 
that developed recommendations on new TLDs.  In particular, we note that
the DNSO recommendation was developed through the deliberations of an
open working group over a period of nearly a year, with extensive input
from the members of the various DNSO constituencies and the broader
Internet community.


Please do not even think of responding until you have read the
documentation, flippant ill-informed responses will be dealt with with
no less than five URLs showing the same behavior.

Happy Labour day to you and yours

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