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[ga] History [was: Complications]

At 22:30 30/04/01 -0700, Eric Dierker wrote: 
> Man this is an interesting piece of history.  Why were these men being
> on the NC by Verisgn and what legacy did they leave us.  Why didn't the
> relationship continue or did it? 

Don Telage was sympathetic to our cause.  He made a genuine effort to improve
the wretched representation situation on the NC and offered  2 of the 3 seats
allocated to the gTLD "constituency" to the unrepresented.  
Of couse, NSI being in frontal confrontation with ICANN at that time, NSI was
happy to use us too, to embarrass ICANN.

After it came to a deal (1999) with ICANN, NSI cooled off from helping the
individual DN holders.
By the time VRSG took over, it was all over. 

> I have been blessed to ride bulls, exceed 100mph on skis, jump from things
> flying just fine, battle cancer, take a bullet and hold dying men but
> compares to trying to figure the love between Verisign and ICANN. 
> <http://corporate.verisign.com/policy/icann/letter_611.html>http://corpora
> te.verisign.com/policy/icann/letter_611.html 

Did you read Mike Roberts' rejection of that proposal too?
Search the ICANN site.
The interim Board simply reduced NSI's seats for 3 to 1 and that was it.

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