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Re: [ga] Re: Suspension of Voting Rights

Harald and all assembly members,

Harald Tveit Alvestrand wrote:

> At 09:13 30.04.2001 -0400, babybows.com wrote:
> >Consider this possibility:
> >Every day some 35,000 new domain registrations are processed, with fees
> >ranging from $9 to $35 for such services.  This equates to 12,775,000
> >registrations per annum.  If only 3 cents from every registration was to be
> >set aside for the administrative and operational costs of the DNSO, our per
> >annum funding would be $383,250 (more than sufficient for our needs).
> Remember to deduce the $$$ required for lawyer fees in order to get those
> contracts modified....

  Our legal staff would be happy to do this pro bono.  Hence this is not
a serious problem or concern.

> >Now some might consider this to be a form of "taxation", and I agree that
> >there should be no taxation without representation - hence it becomes
> >necessary under this proposal to grant Constituency status to both
> >Individuals and to Small Business (long overdue anyway).
> Another possible form of representation would be to grant domain name
> owners one vote per registered domain name in a totally-integrated "domian
> name owners' constituency". But see below for what I think is the real
> problem....

  This should make for an uneven playing field, and therefore improper

> >This approach solves several of our problems at once without putting
> >anyone's rights at risk.  It creates new constituencies (enhancing necessary
> >representation), it fully funds the DNSO in perpetuity, and the mechanism is
> >relatively painless for all concerned.
> This was tried very early (the USD 30 "infrastructure surcharge" on the
> then-USD 100 .com registration charge). This was overturned after an outcry
> that involved, among other things, the US Congress.
> Unfortunately the arguments used do not seem sensitive to the size of the
> surcharge; trying to take 3 cents might be as hard as taking 30 dollars.

  Agreed.  Not to mention that if such a fee was taken for this purpose
it would add another nail in the coffin of ICANN with respect to it's
tax free status.

>               Harald
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