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[ga] Re: Suspension of Voting Rights

Harald writes:  "trying to take 3 cents might be as hard as taking 30

This point is well noted.  What is equally true, however, is that if ICANN
chose to take 3 cents out of each registration fee already paid to ICANN,
and merely applied them as a budget line-item entry designated for the
administrative and operational costs of the DNSO, then our organization
would be able to enjoy the benefits of a funding mechanism that would
neither burden our constituencies, nor put their votes at risk.

ICANN already apportions part of these fees for its own administrative,
technical and professional services.  If we are a part of ICANN, then why
not ask ICANN to support the need for a professional Secretariat and
consider such funding as "expenses reasonably related to the legitimate
activities of the Corporation".

A non-profit organization should not have any difficulties acceding to a
reasonable request which would enhance its own efficiency and which would
allow for the prospect of fuller representation (as barriers-to-entry-
and-participation for constituencies would thereby be removed).

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