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[registrars] Revised WG-B Proposal

Attached please find the latest draft of the Registrar WG-B Proposal. Marked
up language appears in bold and I have provided comments for each amendment.
The purpose of this revised draft is to appeal to the respective
Intellectual Property and Non-Commercial Constituencies. Our goal is the
controlled responsible growth of the domain name space absent filters. Some
would argue that some of this new language is not materially relevant to our
position. They would be right. However, in the politics of ICANN were you
need 10 votes for a majority on the Names Counsel sometimes you have to go a
little extra to gain some votes.

I welcome the groups comments on this revised proposal. My main concern are
any potential NON-STARTERS.

Best regards,


P.S. The Code of Code is now being moved to my front burner :)