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Re: [registrars] Code of Conduct

We would like to help, too. Especcialy from the point of view of an european
Please keep me informed about the next steps.

Best regards

Alexander Böker
Senior Staff Lawyer
Legal and International affairs

"Michael D. Palage" wrote:

> As we move forward with the controlled responsible growth of the domain
> space, the issue of registrar compliance WILL become a high-profile issue.
> Therefore, I would like to expedite the process in drafting a Registrar
> of Conduct. I would like to thank Jeff for his first stab at this document
> after Cairo. What I now need is a commitment from approximately 5-10
> to flush this document out ASAP. I would particularly welcome those
> registrars with legal staff to step forward to help out, especially if
> have any experience in anti-trust law.
> I would like to have this Code of Conduct adopted prior to ICANN's hiring
> a registrar compliance liaison.
> Mike