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RE: [registrars] Code of Conduct

M-IT would like to contribute to this - I was under the impression that
Richard Lindsay was going to drive this but now I am not clear.  Could I
have some clarification plse.


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Subject: [registrars] Code of Conduct
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As we move forward with the controlled responsible growth of the domain
space, the issue of registrar compliance WILL become a high-profile issue.
Therefore, I would like to expedite the process in drafting a Registrar Code
of Conduct. I would like to thank Jeff for his first stab at this document
after Cairo. What I now need is a commitment from approximately 5-10 people
to flush this document out ASAP. I would particularly welcome those
registrars with legal staff to step forward to help out, especially if they
have any experience in anti-trust law.

I would like to have this Code of Conduct adopted prior to ICANN's hiring of
a registrar compliance liaison.