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RE: [registrars] Code of Conduct

I would welcome Richard as well as anyone elses help in advancing this Code
of Conduct. I have already posted to the list an agenda of those items which
should be included based on the feedback of various registrars. Several
registrars have already volunteered the support of their legal staff which
should make this document bullet-proof. The reason for this sense of urgency
is that the TM people are beginning to raise some noise in DC that the
registrars are having trouble with 3 top-level domains why should we give
them anymore. Therefore, we must get our house in order over the next
several months and show up in Japan with a Code of Conduct IN PLACE.  The
only draft to date has been the one posted by Jeff Shrewsbury. Therefore, we
need to look at this first proposal and see whether we need to modify it or
start from scratch.


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M-IT would like to contribute to this - I was under the impression that
Richard Lindsay was going to drive this but now I am not clear.  Could I
have some clarification plse.


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As we move forward with the controlled responsible growth of the domain
space, the issue of registrar compliance WILL become a high-profile issue.
Therefore, I would like to expedite the process in drafting a Registrar Code
of Conduct. I would like to thank Jeff for his first stab at this document
after Cairo. What I now need is a commitment from approximately 5-10 people
to flush this document out ASAP. I would particularly welcome those
registrars with legal staff to step forward to help out, especially if they
have any experience in anti-trust law.

I would like to have this Code of Conduct adopted prior to ICANN's hiring of
a registrar compliance liaison.