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Re: [ga] OECD vs ICANN, re: WHOIS accuracy


--- Karl Auerbach <karl@CaveBear.com> wrote:
> The interests of a few trademark owners is hardly a reason to use a
> system
> - DNS whois - that is highly susceptable to false or erroneous data
> and,
> when accurate, is a major violation of privacy.

It's not only the IP community who is in favour of an accurate WHOIS.
Law enforcement would like it to be accurate. As would businesses and
individuals who want to know who they're dealing with when conducting
electronic transactions, or who need to trace the sources of various
publications, etc. These aren't medical or criminal records being
published over the 'net -- those are what I would consider "major
violations of privacy."

> Except for domain names, I know of no non-dangerous instrumentality
> for
> which the purchaser is required to divulge private information onto a
> public register that has no form of access control and that conforms
> to no
> privacy regime, no matter how minimal or weak.

Many business licenses/incorporations allow for anyone to look up who
the owner/directors of that business are, although it depends on the
jurisdiction, perhaps. Exercise for readers: A domain name can be a
dangerous instrument! ;)
> In addition, any acceptable whois, whether it be for IP or DNS, ought
> to
> conform to the standard set of privacy principles - among which are
> that
> those who query the data must prove their legitimate need for the
> data,
> identify themselves, prove their identity, and be known to the data
> subject.

Would you support the "compromise" I've mentioned in the past, namely
the creation of a "Legal Contact" role (which could be the ISP,
Technical Contact, the Registrant, or someone else the Registrant
chooses to use) who is held legally responsible for problems
originating from a domain, with accurate info that IS in the WHOIS for
that contact? I think that's all people ultimately need to reach,
someone who is responsible.


George Kirikos

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