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Re[2]: [ga] OECD vs ICANN, re: WHOIS accuracy

Hello George,

Sunday, July 07, 2002, 10:50:05 AM, you wrote:

GK> Would you support the "compromise" I've mentioned in the past, namely
GK> the creation of a "Legal Contact" role (which could be the ISP,
GK> Technical Contact, the Registrant, or someone else the Registrant
GK> chooses to use) who is held legally responsible for problems
GK> originating from a domain, with accurate info that IS in the WHOIS for
GK> that contact? I think that's all people ultimately need to reach,
GK> someone who is responsible.

I think this type of solution probably makes the most sense.  The
fact is that many people need access for legitimate reasons -- but
they generally do not need access to the end user contact information,
just the authority.

I would like to suggest an alternative to the legal contact though.
If the goal is to reach someone responsible for the domain, why not
just use the technical contact field?  It should be trivial for
registrars to suppress Billing and Administrative contacts, and only
display the technical contact.  The technical contact would be the
ISP, Hosting provider, or someone within the company who can answer
questions and deal with problems authoritatively.  The technical
contact would not be allowed to release any contact information about
a domain without the consent of the domain owner, or a warrant of some

It would seem this would solve the need of government agencies and
ISPs to have clean whois information while protecting the rights of
those who desire their privacy.


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