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Re: Re[5]: [ga] Verisign: ".com/net not a necessity" replying to anti-trust concerns of WLS

> My point was that we, as a community, are not obligated to the views
> of others, but we do, however, have to respect their point of view.
> That leads to new ideas, a different perspective and opportunities.

We're seeing eye to eye, but we're back to back ;)

We are not obligated to the views of others and not only do we have to
respect their point of view, we have an obligation to hear it. *But* we also
have the right to an orderly and focused proceeding. Part of the drag on the
efficiency of this assembly comes from a reluctance to direct the
proceedings. Accordingly, special interests are continually walking up to
the podium, taking off their clothes and saying "look at me!".

As a result, not a lot of real work gets done while we all stare at the
jester of the week.


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