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Re: [ga] Nomination Process

You all that bro;

So the question is where do you stand on these issues.

Do you stand for both an IC constituency and a DNH constituency?

easy huh?

Eric the Pr---

DPF wrote:

> On Sat, 09 Jun 2001 19:45:46 -0700, Eric Dierker wrote:
> >Please define Individuals Constituency.  I have many friends concerned over what
> >we are discussing here.  We are having a very hard time with the difference with
> >the domain name holders and us simple users, my children without domain names
> >asked me if they would be represented.  I want to tell them it is ok, can I?
> That would of course be one of the major challenges of the Taskforce -
> to work out who is eligible to join.
> Some issues which come to mind are:
> a) Should it be gTLD name holders only
> b) How about ccTLD name holders
> c) What if you hold a third or fourth level name - should that be
> eligible?
> d) If ones goes with (c) then should any individual at all be eligible
> as it is easy to get a third level name for free
> (e) Should there be a minimum age of membership
> (f) Do you need to hold/own the name or just be the admin contact for
> it?
> (g) Should there be restrictions on membership of an individual
> constituency and other constituencies?
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