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[ga] Re: Nomination Process

Eric writes:  "Please define Individuals Constituency.  I have many friends
concerned over what we are discussing here."

Back in late February, the Names Council Business Plan was first introduced
(the URL is:  http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/nc-plan/Arc00/doc00003.doc ).
This was shortly after the reports of the Review Working Group and the
Review Task Force were issued.  That Business Plan had a section devoted to
"DNSO Operation Related" and included the following statement:

"5.4 Individuals Constituency. Review the need, uniqueness, potential
contribution and representiveness of an individual domain name holder's

The NC Business Plan was formally adopted in Melbourne, and Interim
Committees were created to establish Terms of Reference for Task Forces or
"other bodies".  These Terms of Reference were formally adopted in
Stockholm.  Discussions led to a recommendation to involve the GA, through a
representative, in the process:

DNSO Review (Swinehart): Need to discuss implementation of terms of
reference. Based on the suggestions from WG-D, which were extensive and
conducted openly. Review costs in preparation for moving forward. Question
of next steps for individuals constituency - accept proposals, form a
further task force, etc.
       1.   Sheppard: A task force makes sense. I might volunteer to chair
it, if that was acceptable to others.
       2.   Swinehart: Consultation.
            Stubbs: Need to include the chairman of the GA.
            Swinehart: A good suggestion.
       3.   Swinehart: GA chair (consider changes), Individuals Constituency
(determine next steps), language diversity (determine costs, and make a
recommendation for a cost-effective means for making translations).
       4.   Swinehart: Perhaps we should take proposals from DNSO, and
evaluate the various proposals.
       5.   Stubbs: Goal is to include some representative of the GA. This
may or might not be the GA chair. "GA chair or designee."
       6.   Martinez: Is this process consistent with the Bylaws? Bylaws
call for self-organizing of constituencies.
            Sheppard: Seems OK. We're anticipating what will happen when a
group self-organizes.
            Chicoine: Note that ICANN Board has considered prior proposals.
We're just helping move the process forward.

Two days thereafter, the ICANN Board began a discussion pursuant to the
motion passed by the General Assembly:

N.   General Assembly request re Independent Domain Name Holders
       1.   Cohen: Recall deal in Cairo that ALSC would examine structure of
ICANN as a whole. Recommend that we consider this in Montevideo. Look for
legitimacy and reasonableness.
       2.   Auerbach: There are many individuals joining the DNSO for the
purpose of considering domain name policy. At Large considers general ICANN
policy (protocols and addresses also). Two concepts shouldn't be mixed.
       3.   Mueller-Maguhn: Ask the Board to agree that this request goes to
the Public Comment Forum. Should discuss results in Montevideo.
       4.   McLaughlin: Procedure in Bylaws. See Article VI. Not clear
whether Board has a petition as contemplated by Bylaws. Previously, have
seen concern that proposals don't have enough support.
       5.   Abril i Abril: Uncomfortable receiving motions from GA or
constituencies, but never getting anything from the DNSO as such. DNSO
should try to work as an SO, or suggest another structure that they think
would work better. Recall also that GA was not supposed to vote.
       6.   Lynn: Would have thought that a proposal like this would come
through NC, which would make sure that proper background work was done. Many
questions about what makes an individual domain name holder. Much work to be
done. Also need an impact statement in terms of staff work. Some homework to
be done.
       7.   Mueller-Maguhn: Nothing wrong with discussion here. But
individuals are disorganized by their nature. Similar to problem that
non-commercial organizations face in raising funds.
       8.   Cerf: Possible to note that we received the GA's communication,
that there is a procedure here, but that Bylaws must be followed. Proposal
should come through the NC. We would entertain any reasonable proposal in
accordance with Bylaws.

The issue is now completely in the hands of the Names Council.  If a
definition is required, then the Names Council's DNSO Review Task Force will
be the body that addresses that matter.  As Phil Sheppard has volunteered to
Chair that Task Force, perhaps your questions/concerns should be directed to
him until such time as we select our representative.

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