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Re[2]: [ga] Nomination Process

Hello Eric,

Saturday, June 09, 2001, 8:37:58 PM, Eric Dierker wrote:

> You all that bro;

> So the question is where do you stand on these issues.

> Do you stand for both an IC constituency and a DNH constituency?

I don't know if he does.  I don't.

A domain name is easy enough (And cheap enough) to obtain.  If someone
wants to be a part of the process, they should have some basis for
declaring a stake in the process.  A domain name is a very minimum
standard for that, and I stress minimum since they are so easy and
cheap to get.

The individual public is better represented by the At Large, where
they have a stake, since ICANN deals with more than just domain
policy.  The DNSO deals specifically with domain name/dns issues, and
as such those who have a direct stake and interest in that process
should be the ones who make up the constituencies in that supporting

Best regards,
William X Walsh
Owner, Userfriendly.com
Userfriendly.com Domains
The most advanced domain lookup tool on the net

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