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[ga] Re: finally we have a direct connection

Dear Eric,
I am not sure you should call yourself noise. May be thunder noise
some time. The only solution for the iCANN structure to stay around,
instead of being surrounded by alternatives is to play its consensus
secretariat role.

The internet is a consensus among dotcommoners: that they will use
IE or may be Netscape on their PC to access what is proposed to them.
Consensus are very fragile. This consensus did not exist three years
ago and may not exist anymore two years from now.

The issue is simple: keep the dotcommoners happy with what they
get from their IE. Otherwise the move will be simple: they will ask
it to Bill Gates. And Bill has a very very simple reponse: "switch to
the ms-root". Will anyone object that WinNet 2002 offers a direct
access to the Host file with a small multi-bind utility. Competition
allowed to everyone... with a MS Compatitility label. Forget VeriSign
and iCANN and expensive DNs. Have your DN for life and your
WinNet system for the millenium from your smart shoes to your

Stay with us Eric, we need your noise to awake some.

At 07:29 26/05/01, Eric Dierker wrote:
>There is a direct link between the control against the real dotBIZ the
>attempted manipulation of ccTLDs and our rights as dotcommoners. Look
>here real close ladies and gents when I speak of dotcommoners I do not
>speak of my whitebread so. cal. kids, I speak of shoe shine boys (20s
>supporting families in So.E. Asia) I speak of soon to be AFNIC supported
>hawkers in the SubSahara.  I speak of my 80 and 90 plus parents. (yea
>even I was born and adopted). Goodness I speak of doctors who saved my
>son's life and children who need help in the Sudan.
>Call me noise! I am sick of the reference to noise!  This is The DNSO
>and it is the GA.  You smarter than thou folks just jump back or get
>slammed. Brett and Froomkin you insult us when you refer to our noise!
>Can't you just for one second back up us ignoramants?  I know most of us
>are stupid and ignorant of this ether world but come on, who do you
>represent if we were gone?  We write our mother and we await word from
>our college students away from home and you bad ass intellectuals mess
>with our lives and make us worry about collisions.
>There are thousand and thousands of small businesses throughout the worl
>that feed their families based on ecommerce and you guys bounce around
>armagedon like it was part of your business.
>Joanna's hard work on the "privacy for me campaign" has met with not
>real support. And we worry some more.  Mr. Morfin seemed to care but was
>hammered.  Mr Williams had some Ideas and was exciled. Corliss lied
>about his intentions and is glorified.  I sure hope that the silent
>majority soon speaks up.
>dotBIZ has us worried sick.  The APNIC contract is cause for insecurity
>and I do not addrees the others.
>Damnit you people don't you realize that the people making this work
>could not bare to see the reality of your decision makers' facade.  If
>ISPs told their clients just how bad it was they would all go back to
>printed media.
>I am declaring a call to harms.  After the NetSol debacle let them
>maybe nelodramatic but you tecnointellectuals better start loving the

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