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[ga] Jeff Williams FAQ 00/02 (was Re: Joe Kelsey's slurs )

At 8:36 AM -0800 1/28/00, Joe Kelsey wrote:

>Below is yet another example of Jeff Williams' inability to abide by the
>commonly accepted notion that you should not repost private e-mail to a
>mailing list that may not be interested in it.

Jeff makes the rules in his fantasy world. He has created this INEG
'Role Playing Game' in which he is using various mail lists as
suppliers of other unsuspecting players :-)

Correspondents are simply unwittingly (or wittingly in some cases)
playing Jeff's game.

I attach the latest version of the Jeff William's FAQ for archival purposes.




 Jeff Williams' FAQ. (00/02)


1. Who is Jeff Williams?

Jeffrey A. Williams, <jwkckid1@ix.netcom.com>, has claimed in postings
to various lists:

-- to be the Chief Executive Officer and the Co-Founder of the 4.8
billion dollar privately held employee owned INEG. INC

-- to be the Director of Internet Network Engineering and Senior
Java/CORBA Engineer for the Information Network Engineering Group, INEG

-- to be an ex-IBM Fellow,

-- to have to have graduated from UTD and to have a law degree from SMU
Law School

-- to have three degrees, MBA, Masters in Computer Science and
Engineering, and Law

-- to have served as a judge for 7 years

-- to be a member of the IETF

-- to serve on several medium sized business boards and on the boards
of several banks

-- to be the author of two books and is working on a third

-- to own 3 ISPs, including Frisco net, Deltanet and Wiltel, with 1.6
million users

-- to own 8% of eBay

-- to have been a fighter pilot with USMC, flying missions in Chile and
for the DEA, as a reserve pilot in the USMC, stationed out of Grand
Prairie air station just south of Dallas

-- to have been acting squadron commander of the Marine combat F4
squadron VMF214 (Black Sheep) at Tan Son Nhut during the Viet Nam war

-- to have spent several years in NIS (Naval Investigative Service)

-- Graduate of Naval Staff & War College

-- Retired Colonel, United States Marine Corps


-- Jeff's 'INEG. INC' does not exist except as a fantasy in Jeff
Williams' mind.

-- Jeff changed the name of the company in his .sig, in Jan 1998, from
'Information Eng. Group' to Information Network Eng. Group. INEG. INC.,
when the real Information Engineering Group
<http://www.ieg-america.com/>, became aware of Jeff's use of their name.

-- SMU Law School Registrar's office, (214) 768-2618, disclaims all
knowledge of Jeff.

Jeffrey A. Williams is a fake and an imposter.


2. Is there other material available on Jeff Williams?

http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/05347.html -- a
posting regarding Jeff's non-relationship with IEG. He changed the name
of his 'company' on his .sig from IEG to INEG shortly afterwards.

http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/05398.html -- a
posting by Frederic Wilf regarding Jeff's claim to have attended SMU.

http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/05525.html -- a
posting by Kent Crispin commenting on Jeff's claims.

http://www.gtld-mou.org/gtld-discuss/mail-archive/08000.html -- a list
of Jeff's claims to 1998 by Alex Kamantauskas.

http://robin.fcn.net/mr99jeff.html -- an account of Bob Allisat's hour
long phone call with Jeff and subsequent events.

http://robin.fcn.net/mr99ronydebunk.html -- an account of Ellen Rony's
attempt to attend  Jeff's INEG Dallas conference.

http://www.fichtner.net/outlook/1999-01.html -- a German reporter's
article on Jeff... written in German, use
http://babelfish.altavista.com/ if you don't read German.

Note, Jeff also posts under the following personas and email addresses;
David "Dude" Jenson <Dnsipv6@aol.com> and James Touton

Darrell Greenwood           mailto:Darrell_Greenwood@mindlink.net
Vancouver, BC               http://www.nyx.net/~dgreenw/