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Joe Kelsey's slurs to:Re: [ga] Re: no matter may pass out of the DNSO without the expli cit approval of the ga

To whom it may concern,

Below is yet another example of Jeff Williams' inability to abide by the
commonly accepted notion that you should not repost private e-mail to a
mailing list that may not be interested in it.  I apologize for his
behavior, since he has never yet apologized for such crass behavior.

It is also interesting to see the rantings of a clearly deluded fool.
Filing *what* with the Federal Election Commission?  What in the world
does the FEC have to do with INEGroup?


Jeff Williams writes:
 > Joe and all,
 > Joe Kelsey wrote:
 > > Jeff Williams writes:
 > >  > post was more specifically intended for.  But as you did post this publicly
 > >  > to the Assembly Members, a proper and reasonable thing to do, I feel
 > >  > as spokesman for some 98k stakeholders that I have a both and interest
 > >  > and an obligation to comment.
 > >
 > > Please provide the list of 98,000 people that you represent.
 >   You may obtain it yourself in two ways.  Join, or seek it through the
 > proper channels as it is filed in several places.  One is with the
 > FEC in the us.  Submit the proper FOIA request and you should
 > be able to obtain a full list as of November '99.  But of course you
 > have already been told this before, haven't you Joe?  >;)