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Re: [ga] Jeff Williams FAQ 00/02 (was Re: Joe Kelsey's slurs )

> At 8:36 AM -0800 1/28/00, Joe Kelsey wrote:
> >Below is yet another example of Jeff Williams' inability to abide by the
> >commonly accepted notion that you should not repost private e-mail to a
> >mailing list that may not be interested in it.

I don't know where you people got your concept about privacy in email -
but i'm sure it's out of a cracker jack box.  Privacy is an old fashioned
notion that is mostly dead today - and with that said I welcome you to the
21st century.

When I write email, I do so with the assumption it's public.  I never say
anything that I would not say in public.  The same goes for telephone
calls and correspondence.

When I need privacy - I make the necessary arrangements.