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[ga] Combination of activities

I write to correct an error of posting.
I also wish you would note that I made an error in sending to someone
who did
not want my mail. "I have a long list of things to learn and a short
brain to put it in".
If anyone has objection to receiving this, or does not follow the
concurrent logic, I apologize
and remain at your service

> > Subject: Re: Combination of activities
> >
> > I think I understand and will correct it.
> > It was list specific so I tried to tie it into
> > threads rather than URL's but as I did it I knew
> > what you say is right.
> > Thank you.
> >
> > > Eric, this is very useful, but would be more so if you
> > could reference
> > > specific URL's here rather than the front page:
> > >
> > > > The bypassing of Stakeholders
> > > >  http://www.dnso.org/archives.html
This is a posting by the chair of the GA it is found specifically at;
by looking at Babybows posting under this subject
I know Mr. Younger and this is as mad as he gets!
> > > > The fake before cessation
> > > >   http://www.dnso.org/archives.html
This is a neat little response by a fellow named Sotiris who is the
chair of a great independant
working group found at; http://internetstakeholders.com/ which is a
continuance of the WG-Review which refuses to be killed by ICANN.
It is found under Versign Contracts/Policy at
It shows quite clearly the tactics used to stifle argument.  to send
arguments into nowhere land. And it shows by silent admission acceptance
of  our correct position.
> > > > Afilias is Versign or worse a price fixing afiliation.
> > > >  http://www.dnso.org/archives.html
This is a reference to a piece written by yours truly that shows the
chilling association of major entrenched players in establishing
Afiliasco (BF).
It shows complete lack of integrity to granting license to already
competing members(probably monopolistic)of the business.

       Afilias ownership; dotINFO;

                      b. Registry Operator. Afilias, was formed on
       25, 2000 as a Delaware limited liability company and is
                      owned by a consortium of 19 ICANN accredited
       domain name registrars. Afilias was founded to operate
                      an unsponsored, unrestricted generic TLD registry.

       Afilias' members include:

                           1stDomain.net, a division of G+D
International LLC
                           Corporate Domains, Inc.
                           Domain Bank, Inc.
                           DomainInfo AB
                           DomainPeople Inc.
                           Domain Registration Services
                           Enter-Price Multimedia AG (EPAG)
                           Internet Council of Registrars (CORE)
                           interQ Inc.
                           NameSecure.com, Inc.
                           Netnames International Ltd.
                           Network Solutions, Inc. Registrar Operations
                           Polar Software Ltd d/b/a Signdomains.com
                           Procurement Services International (Japan),
                           Schlund + Partner AG
                           Speednames, Inc.
                           Tucows, Inc.
 http://www.dnso.org/clubpublic/ga-full/Arc07/msg01519.html  is the
actual link.

As you all can see someone far wiser than I was courteous enough to help
my lack of savy.  Golly gee but it is hard trying to keep up and learn
all this great stuff at the same time. I beg each of you to kneel down
and help a Newbie as this fine person did me. I make this whole
correction public because two of my friends said that others would learn
from my error, if I was boy enough to take it.

This work is a combination of way too many hours.  No one endorses my
opinions nor do I expect them to.  Shoot I do not even expect them to be
happy about being included on may mailing.  Difusion is the work of the
magician but I am finding that undoing the difusion is not a miracle but
just extremely hard work.
All on this mailing have contributed by your great works - websites and
posting- Sorry but you are unwilling coconspirators in setting ICANN

This is posted to the GA List because the previous post was and needed

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