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[ga] competition/new .Info and Verisign

The following makes for interesting comparisons between what the BoD and
Staff are doing and what they are supposed to be doing.

From the CFRs;

 We concede that switching costs and lock-in could produce the
scenario described above. On the other hand, we believe that market
mechanisms may well discourage this type of behavior. On balance, we
believe that consumers will benefit from competition among market
oriented registries, and we thus support limited experimentation with
competing registries during the transition to private sector
administration of the domain name system.

Afilias ownership; dotINFO;

               b. Registry Operator. Afilias, was formed on September
25, 2000 as a Delaware limited liability company and is
               owned by a consortium of 19 ICANN accredited Internet
domain name registrars. Afilias was founded to operate
               an unsponsored, unrestricted generic TLD registry.
Afilias' members include:

                    1stDomain.net, a division of G+D International LLC
                    Corporate Domains, Inc.
                    Domain Bank, Inc.
                    DomainInfo AB
                    DomainPeople Inc.
                    Domain Registration Services
                    Enter-Price Multimedia AG (EPAG)
                    Internet Council of Registrars (CORE)
                    interQ Inc.
                    NameSecure.com, Inc.
                    Netnames International Ltd.
                    Network Solutions, Inc. Registrar Operations
                    Polar Software Ltd d/b/a Signdomains.com
                    Procurement Services International (Japan), Inc.
                    Schlund + Partner AG
                    Speednames, Inc.
                    Tucows, Inc.

Well enough said obviously if the DoC approves dotINFO, and the new
Versign deal under this scenario they will be promoting competition,
not!  The bottom line is that until the Bush administration changes the
CFR involved the DoC is required to follow it.  These pending agreements
are in violation of the spirit and letter of the current law. Approving
them would be arbitrary and capricious.

Of course that is IMnlHO, with all due emotions we silly dotcommoners


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