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[ga] Combination of activities

I was never a fan of our President Mr. Clinton.  But danged if he did
not set in motion a set of events to truly transfer authority over the
internet from the U.S. to everyone in the world. I found at least eight
official references to this goal in the listed documents, which Mr.
Crispin and Crocker have assured me are different in that they are
"Legal Documents".  Inhancing competition is mentioned some thirty
If you take the time to read these papers you will find that there is no
doubt that the current arrangements between Versign and ICANN are

They are very illegal for a very good reason, regardless of your
opinions of the U.S., the control was turned over to ICANN on a very
specific and often repeated promise that we the people who use the
internet would be the authority by which decisions were made. (as a
multilingual, outreach and education fanatic I note that it is the
people of the world and three times mentioned outside the U.S. that is
paramount) Either through incompetence or a pattern of lies this has not
occurred.  The lone vestige of user representation is the GA and we
stand very much alone.

This is not an outrageous appeal. But:
You are to blame, for every right there is a corresponding duty and by
shear participation you have failed.  Please step up so that Danny and
Patrick can walk and talk with your weight.

Unless I am besieged otherwise I will run a straw poll so as to find
participation, it will run past our great holidays and be reminded
dailey.  I praise you all for your patience.

I invite all to review the corporate papers of ICANN.  You must read the
APA, for light reading.  Mr. Auerbach's postings on California
Corporations Code is a must. The following is great reading and leaves
no doubt as to the impropriety of the Versign-ICANN violations of law
and contract.

A DoC warning and advisory re: representativeness

The MoU

The DoC IANA replacement contract.

The controlling CFR

Other Versign contract

The bypassing of Stakeholders

The fake before cessation

Afilias is Versign or worse a price fixing afiliation.

ICANN/DoC/NSI agreement

Well that does not include the White Paper or Vint Cerf's certification
of these goals in front of committees.  But it also does not include
aoutrageous statements made by the players.

In the same direction we trudge, but with different visions we see.(ed)

Truly Sincerely,

Sorry for the multiple heads but I doubt our list is working - over
twelve hours without a post?  Happy vacation.

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