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> From: babybows.com [mailto:webmaster@babybows.com]
> Sent: Saturday, April 28, 2001 3:22 AM
> a. In the last twenty five days, 1333 comments have been 
> posted to the GA
> list by 75 people.
> b. 10 individuals accounted for 54% of the posts
> c. 15 individuals accounted for 66% of the posts
> d. 20 individuals accounted for 76% of the posts
> e. 25 individuals accounted for 82% of the posts

If you look at the content, you will likely note that much of the recent
discussions center around inclusive root systems and name space theory. A
lot of it, trying to get down to gory entrails. Such levels of debate don't
belong on the main GA list, IMHO. I submit that, it is the main reason for
the past month's list volume (well ... that and questioning everyone's
integrity and past affiliations ... back to the stone-age ... election
process ... color of the sky ... and defense of same ... etc).

For the past three years there has been one thing missing, a concerted
effort to define a root-level registry and exactly what a TLD Service Level
Agreement (SLA) should look like. If we setup and take the lead on this, it
could provide the foundation for most of the other initiatives and reduce
the noise-level around here.
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