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[comments-deletes] Hey Vinny!

      Say Vinny! I gots an idea! 

Let's grab dem trademarks and copyrights and sell options on dose things, in
case the rightful owners forgets to renew or somedem. We'll snooker them USPTO
stooges in ta think'in dis is a GOOD THING by call'in it a "wait'in list."
That's it! A "WAIT'IN LIST!" We can alway get some crybabies who lost out on
somedem or other to tell dem sob stories. We'll make dem think dis is a public
service or somedem! Da boss will dis one!

Den, we'll convince everyone dis is fair play cause they didn't act back in da
year 2002. Ha! Dose rookies won't even hear about this! We'll just say "ya
snoozed, ya losed!" In reality, we'll just be block'in the public from
compet'in for dose rights or somedem. That's it!... We'll just "FORECLOSE
OTHER'S RIGHTS," like dose big guys do! Even though we're a just an outfit
with nothing to do with the USPTO, we can do dis. Tis our right. We ani't
gotta ask permissin or noth'in.... Hey, hey, hey!!! Dis is "innovation." Ya!
Dat's it!!!!! We'll call dis "INNOVATION!" 

Since dem trademark and copyright filings are kinna cheap, we gotta raise da
price a bit, say, four da five times! Hell, we're sick of watch'in those IP
lackies make all of da money. We want in on da action! We'll tell da boss to
just keep da cash!! We ani't tell'in those suckers they got a one in ten
chance of gett'en anything with dos options. Hey, most of dose suckers won't
even get an option!!! We'll just let em pay! And we ain't tell'in dem when da
owners paid up either! Got dat, Vinny?  Dat ed hurt business. 

Vinny, dis is gonna be great! And dose stooges at USPTO will just think dis is
a public service of somedem. Dis is genius! He'll make us bosses of da whole

Let's go tell da boss!

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