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[comments-deletes] WLS recommendation

Title: WLS recommendation

I am strongly apposed to WLS on several fronts.

However, nobody is addressing the conflict of interest with respect to the authority and mandate of ICANN board.

The Board should not be engaged in a manipulation of the marketplace with companies they officiate.  Verisign practices dishonest advertising methods and protects their DNS records for Verisign web customers only.  All other individuals who want to control their MX and Cname records must pay an additional fee to have them point the registered name to another server.  This is wrong.  Who owns the DNS servers anyway?  DNS records should be property of the owner of the registered name, not the Registrars.  Otherwise there is a tendency for charging for every little change that a customer would want.  Next, we will probably see Verisign charging for the MX and then charging another fee for the Cname...where does it end.  ICANN must put some restriction on this activity for the benefit of the customers worldwide.  This is monopolistic greed at its worst and may I remind the board that ICANN was set up to continue the tradition of fair and easy access to domain names and DNS records and not to be gouged at every corner because a company has the power to control.  There are no reasons for charging extra fees other than greed.  There are no issue with respect to costs that are associated to these fees.  If there where why doesn’t Verisign state that instead of relying on dishonest advertising and misleading customers to register their domain name only to get another song about we need more money to get your domain name pointed to your own server.  

Thank you,

Pierre M. Little

Atlantic Business Journal
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