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[registrars] Ballot Results Explaination

I would like to thank Bob Connelly for his diligence in this matter. In
order for the democratic process to work it must be open and transparent,
but most of all there must be accountability.

Prior to the election I was only one of only two elected representatives
from the Registrar Constituency.  The original ballot was delayed because I
was tasked with finalizing the SLA. Although the SLA Task Force did an
excellent job, the were some loose ends that I had to clear up and this took
much longer than anticipated.  To say that I am over burdened with the flood
of registrar issues would be an understatement. That is one of the reasons
that the official recognition of Task Forces was but forth on the last
ballot. It is in the best interest of this constituency to segregate the
work that needs to be done among the members in this constituency.  Either
we can collectively work together to strengthen this industry or perish

I delayed the original posting of the ballot while I resolved a *contested*
issue about one of the candidate's bio. This delay was so that there would
be no perceived unfair competitive advantage. The ballot was finalized and
posted on Monday evening at 15:21.  Although you are correct about the 108
hours and 39 minutes allotted for voting, there is nothing in the by-laws
that mandate a specified minimum voting period. I believe that this incident
mandates the necessity of amending the by-laws to specify a default period
of time that can be amended when necessity requires. Bob, I call upon your
past experiences to suggest a suitable time frame.

With regard to PSI-Japan joining the constituency, I do not recall you
mentioning it to me, but I do not deny that this conversation may have taken
place.  LA was a whirl wind period of time for everyone in attendance.
However, I would like to point out that the registrar constituency
application is available online at:

After informing you of PSI-Japan's failure to complete the application, I
promptly forwarded them an application which they properly completed in a
timely manner. After receiving PSI-Japan's completed application, I added
Bill Connelly's name to the list of authorized voters.  HOWEVER, there was
an oversight on MY part in NOT immediately adding Bill's email to the
Registrar mailing list. As secretariat that is one of my other duties. As a
result Bill never received a ballot. The ballot that he did submit after the
Friday voting deadline was bounced from the list as an unauthorized voter.

As secretariat I must now address this situation in consultation with the
other elected Registrar representative (Ken Stubbs) and ICANN general
counsel (Louie Tuton). However, I propose that the most prudent course of
action, as previous stated, is to hold an election run-over and NOT an
entire revote.  Because PSI-Japan's vote would not have had a substantive
impact on the other issues, I do not believe it is prudent to hold the
entire election all over again. Moreover, because Erica had received at
least one vote, under the by-laws requiring geographic diversity, she is
GURANTEED to win. Therefore, I see no reason to deny her the opportunity to
take her place as a duly elected Names Counsel representative for the
Registrar Constituency in tomorrow's Names Counsel teleconference.  I
understand the basis of your objection to Richard Lindsey's being required
to step down as a Names Counsel representative. I voted for Richard in the
past and I believe he was an excellent representative for the Asia/Pacific
region. However, I do not make the ICANN by-laws rules I just follow them. I
applaud your lawyer like analysis of the situation, but I was informed that
Richard could not run on the ballot as a candidate of the Asian/Pacific

In conclusion, I will await confirmation from Ken Stubbs and Louie Tuton as
to the course of my action. However, if it is agreed that Erica should take
her seat now and that there should be a run-off of the two remaining
candidates I await from you Bob a suggested suitable time frame for the
balloting to be held.

Since we have met in Berlin I believe that I have shown you to be a man of
integrity. I respect that you may have a difference of opinion in how I
handled this matter but I do believe it comports with the traditional
notions of a democratic election.

Best regards,

Your much maligned, overworked, underpaid, humble secretariat

Mike :)