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[registrars] Some thoughts here

good morning

i would like to point out here that i am a names council representative and
do not set constituency rules nor do i set constituency policy. that
function is reserved to our group in our various meetings

it is my responsibility to follow the rules and procedures established by
ICANN and our registrar constituency. i look to Louis and Mike (who are both
lawyers) for interpretation of the rules and by-laws.

i would point out here that mike has worked very hard with little material
assistance from anyone and,  hopefully. after the next meeting in Cairo, he
will be able to re-delegate some of the duties he has assumed (primarily
because, to the best of my knowledge,  no one else has stepped up and
offered to assist him)

with respect to the names council financial responsibilities of the
registrar constituency....
we need to receive the funds requested quickly !!

we need to show "good faith" to the names council and back up the commitment
made to support their activities. so far, i believe,  the cctlds, ip
constituencies, business and other organizations have met their obligations
and only the registrars and non-commercial groups are  still "dangling in
the breeze".

one more item of real concern here...

at present there are approx 110 accredited registrars and yet far less than
half of them are members of the registrar constituency.

frankly...i cannot  understand  why these constituency non-members have
decided that becoming involved in the formulation of policies and procedures
which guide their future operations and establishment of expansion policies
and guidelines which could significantly affect their business plans is of
little or no  concern to them.

 i assure all of you that most of the other constituencies are very highly
organized and have strong agendas to push with the names council.

in the near future there will be important options offered and significant
decisions made which will STRONGLY affect the future of the dns and its
ability to grow in an ordered, responsible manner. i frankly feel that we
need to insure that we are well-represented and strong in voice and support
for our positions and perspectives. if we do not present a cohesive,
unified, and all-inclusive presence in these forums then our voices will not
be heard nearly as strong as the others.

right now is seems that many of us are just too busy with business to care
or participate and frankly that's sad !!!

this is not the time for apathy... this is the time for action !!!

ken stubbs

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> In conclusion, I will await confirmation from Ken Stubbs and Louie Tuton
> to the course of my action. However, if it is agreed that Erica should
> her seat now and that there should be a run-off of the two remaining
> candidates I await from you Bob a suggested suitable time frame for the
> balloting to be held.
> Best regards,
> Your much maligned, overworked, underpaid, humble secretariat
> Mike :)