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[registrars] [Fwd: [centr-ga] FYI: Announcement regarding CENTR Public Forum]

Just received .... This event may be of interest to Registrars dealing in European


Fay Howard wrote:

> All,
> CENTR's new public forum will be launched at the RIPE 35 meeting next week
> in Amsterdam (morning of Wednesday 23/2/00)
> At the TLD-WG meeting at RIPE 34, the participants agreed to close the
> working which had a work plan related mostly to the creation of CENTR and
> work items which have been taken on by CENTR. Many thanks to Niall O'Reilly
> for all his work as in Chairing the group.
> The RIPE Chair Rob Blokzijl, advised he had received much interest from
> RIPE meeting participants for a forum allowing exchange of views and
> information from all sides involved in DN registration. Whilst the specific
> technical working groups such as DNS-WG remain under the wing of RIPE, it
> was felt that CENTR was the more appropriate organisation to facilitate a
> new public forum on the general aspects of domain Name registration.
> RIPE will continue to provide the infrastructure and all registering for
> the RIPE meeting can also attend the CENTR event. See:
> http://www.ripe.net/ripe/meetings/current/ripe-35/index.html
> The New forum will be called CENTR Domain Name Registration Forum (DNR-F)
> and is open not only to those associated with registries but to all with an
> interest in Domain Name registration. We hope to see you at the first
> meeting when a work plan and format for the group can be debated and agreed.
> The first meeting will be co-chaired by Fay Howard, CENTR General Manager
> (Registry)and Sharon Bush of Netnames (Registrar).
> One item on the agenda will be to select a permanent chair.
> It must be stressed that this is not a body with decision making powers to
> influence registry policy. It is hoped to build dialogue, exchange views
> and collaborate on ideas for improving service and potentially harmonising
> registration practices. It is also aimed to provide a European forum for
> discussion on wider issues effecting DN registration (e.g.ICANN, national
> and European legislation, creation .EU TLD)
> The first meeting aims primarily to establish the new forum in accordance
> with the views of those involved. Some potential work topics have been
> suggested after the draft agenda in order to form a work plan.
> This will also be placed on the CENTR website as well as the RIPE Meeting
> pages. See:
> http://www.centr.org
> Hope to see you in Amsterdam.
> Fay Howard
> *******************************************
> Draft Agenda for First Meeting:
> 1.Welcome and Introductions
> 2. Introduction from CENTR General Manager and review of TLD-WG final
> meeting
> 3. Presentation on CENTR and it's current activities (including update from
> CENTR Technical Officer on CENTR Technical Meeting 21/2 )
> 4.Setting up the DNR Forum:
> Permanent Chair
> Format for work (smaller groups?)
> Mailing lists
> 5. Establishing a Work plan (See possible subjects above)
> 6. Registry Information Presentation (to be announced)
> Possible Subject for work plan:
> Registry/Registrar and Registry/Registrant Contracts
>          Liaison with and Update from CENTR legal working Group
> Registration/Renewal Procedure
>          Input from both sides on creating a good practice in some areas
>          Registry presentations on their procedures for consultation in the
> local        community
> Standardisation of Registration Template
>          Merits of WIPO recommendation
>          XML based template
> Data Protection
>          Use of zone file data
>          Local legislation implications
> Creation of .EU TLD
> Technical Issues
>          Investigate potential areas of collaborative work
>          Liaison with CENTR Technical Group and RIPE DNS-WG
> ***********************************************************
> Fay Howard
> CENTR General Manager
> (Council of European Nation Top level domain Registries)
> email: <faycentr.org> Sandford Gate
> tel: +44 1865 332400 Sandy Lane West
> direct: +44 1865 332405 Oxford, OX4 5LB
> fax: +44 1865 332401 United Kigdom