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[registrars] INVOICE - Registrar Constituency

********************** INVOICE *************************

Ref: Registrar Constituency Dues
Date: 2/15/00

Consistent with the ICANN by-laws requiring each constituency to pay for its
portion of the Names Counsel's budget, I have been informed by our Names
Counsel Registrar Representative, Ken Stubbs, that our portion of these fees
are $250.00. This fee is exclusively for the Names Counsel budget and does
not include any additional funds to pay for registrar activities, i.e.
teleconferences, room rentals at ICANN meetings, etc.  These funds will have
to be addressed by the constituency at a later date.

For those companies that can pay by check, please remit a check payable to
ICANN to my attention at the following address:

Michael D. Palage
6650 Indiantown Rd. Suite 210
Jupiter, FL 33458

As soon as I receive said funds I will notify you via e-mail.

For those companies that would prefer to wire the funds I will arrange with
ICANN an account to handle this transfer.  I have yet to work out who will
oversee and be responsible for this bank account.   I will notify the
constituency as soon as I receive guidance from Louie Tuton, ICANN's General

For those registrars that will be attending the Cairo meeting you can remit
these funds at that time.

For any question or comment please contact me via e-mail at
mpalage@InfoNetworks.com or phone at +1 (561) 741-7880.