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Re: [registrars] Ballot Results

At 14:07 12-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>And please see if you voted correctly.
>In Working Group B I had people after the fact saying they accidentally
>checked the wrong box.

Dear Michael:

What box?

I have never seen a ballot with a box.

Let me document the correspondence:

Re: [registrars] NC Voting - Eligible Voters
At 12:09 06-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
>I will post the ballot to the list by the end of the day. However, before
>posting the ballot I had to review each member's constituency application to
>identify the authorized voter for each registrar.

.At 19:08 06-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
I do not have a complete registrar constituency for PSI-USA, only PSI-JAPAN.
Could you please complete the attached Registrar Constituency Application
and I will add them to the eligible voter list.

Re: [registrars] Clarification - Paul Kane's Bio
At 14:59 07-02-2000 -0500, Michael D. Palage wrote:
I am about to send out the ballot, but before I do, I have been asked by a
couple of people to provide clarification on the bio that I forwarded to the
list on behalf of Paul Kane.

end quote:

Michael, I have never seen a ballot.  After PSI-USA completed your form 
(which should not have been required, I made it clear to you in LA that 
PSI-USA was a member of the Constituency), you did not send a ballot to 
William to tell him he was eligible to vote.  Seeing no action, I wrote to 
him and asked that he vote, which he did.

I will also contest your right to call for an election with less than seven 
calendar days for response.  You had not sent it out as of At 14:59 
07-02-2000 -0500.  You are now claiming the balloting ended on 11 February, 
only four days later.

I hereby contest this ballot.  Your actions have been slipshod and 
arbitrary.  I am posting my grievance to ICANN.

I'm disappointed with your lack of democratic actions:-{

Regards, BobC