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[registrars] Ballot Results

These are the registrars that I have received a ballot from. If there is
anyone missing, please let me know. And please see if you voted correctly.
In Working Group B I had people after the fact saying they accidentally
checked the wrong box.  There "appears" to be a tie for the Second NC seat.
I still have to recheck my math and my in-box.

If there is a tie, then we have three options. (1) continuing the voting to
the eligible registrars at large; (2) request those people that did vote to
break the tie (some people abstained completely on the NC vote and others
just cast one vote; or (3) Revote for the second NC position.

The fact that this vote appears so close is of some concern to me. Perhaps
the two candidate could co-sponsor a telephone conference for people to Q &
A the candidates and we could vote on the teleconference call since Issue
One resolved that the voting results should be public. Just a creative idea
for what it is worth.

I will be out of the office most of Monday so it may be until Tuesday before
making the announcement.


P.S. Why is everything that we attempt to do in the ICANN process NEVER
easy. Just pondering :)

Bruce Beckwith (NSI)
Hal Lubsen (Domain Bank)
Toshio Matsuda (RICS)
Robert Connelly (PSI-Japan)
Richard Forman (Register.com)
Clive Flory (Melborne IT)
Jeff Smith (CASDNS)
Susan Baylor (WebTrends)
Richard Lindsey (InterQ)
Paul Stahura (eNOM)
Jeff Shrewsbury (InfoAve)
Francois Collignon (7 Ways)
Ken Stubbs (CORE)
William Luckering (Affinity)
Jeff Field (NameSecure)
Ross Rader (TUCOWS)
Michael D. Palage (InfoNetworks)