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Re: [registrars] Names Counsel Nomination Period Open

"Robert F. Connelly" wrote:
> Pardon me for being dense (I never did float without sculling), is the DNSO
> electing three permanent members of ICANN.  Or is our Constituency electing
> three members to the Names Council?

The Registrars constituency has to elect three "permanent" Namres
Council representatives between now and October 8th. Then, the NC will
elect three DNSO Directors to the ICANN Board (as will do the other to
SOs') before October 15th.

Michael was calling for nominations to the NC, ie, the registrars'
reps (the setas that are now occupied by Ken, Richard and myself).

In parallel, the nominations for the three DNSO Directors (to the
ICANN Board, in short) are also open. You will find the relevant info
at the DFNSO main page (http://www.dnso.org) under "What's New".

Nominations to the Board have to be supporte by at least 10 members of
the DNSO, this is, memvers of any constituency and(or members of the
GA (considered as those subsibed to either ga or ga-announce lists).
You  will find an intial and fatly growing list of nominees in the
DNSO website.

As I have written after Santiago, we should consider whetehr we try to
nominate "registrar candidates" as ome other consituencies are dong
reht now, or hwat kind of guidance whould we give to the NC reps we
will selct very shortly to assist them in their choice of the Board
dirctors. In cae we want to give any indication or instruction......

Amadeu, between two flights.