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[registrars] NSI Joins the Registrar Constituency

I have been contacted by Bruce Beckwith that NSI will be joining the
Registrar Constituency. They will be joining under the 90-day testbed
provision that we agreed to in Berlin (see by-laws) - not as an ICANN
accredited registrar. To my knowledge NSI HAS STILL NOT SIGNED an ICANN
accreditation agreement.  Although I believe that I am not alone in
expressing my disappointment that NSI has to date not signed the
accreditation agreement, I believe their participation in the constituency
along with their recent contribution with the uniform dispute policy is a
step in the right direction.

I just thought that the group should be aware of this event. I will be
adding the NSI representatives to this list as soon as their application
form is complete.

Best regards,

Michael D. Palage