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[registrars] Names Counsel Nomination Period Open

As Amadeu investigates the geographic diversity waiver with the ICANN board,
the group will move forward with the nomination process. Any individual that
is interested in running please state your intention to the list and forward
to me a SINGLE html file with a brief CV and personal statement.  Please
conform to the following naming convention <lastname_firstname.html>.

Now that the DNSO web site is operational, I will work with Elizabeth in
posting these files to the registrar web site. The nomination process will
close Friday and I will work on having the CV's posted over the weekend.
The votebot should be operational by week's end if it is not already working
now. Assuming no technical snags, voting will commence as soon as the ICANN
board has responded to our waiver petition. I will post to the list later
this week a list of those individuals that are designated by their companies
to vote. Only these people will receive a ballot and will be eligible to

Sorry for my delay in this and other actions but in addition to battling
Hurricane Floyd last week here in S. Florida I also had a hard drive crash
:(  For those of you that I still owe follow-up e-mails to, I will be
getting to you ASAP. Thanks for bearing with me.