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Re: [registrars] Registrar NC Elections : residence or citizenship

At 11:58 15-09-1999 +0200, Amadeu Abril i Abril wrote:
>I don't know whether we are already voting, but you had my motion, and
>BobC second. And now my affirmative vote ;-=

Dear Michael:  Yes, I second it.

The citizenship vs residency was clearly the hair brained notion of 
xenophobic bureaucrats in GAC.  Bureaucrats don't live in the real world, 
they have never met a payroll, don't have idea one of what business is all 
about --- yet these leaches live off the public larder by taxing from the 
producers of wealth for their own pet ideas.

Those "producers of wealth" include citizens and residents as well.  A 
significant amount of their tax base comes from the taxes on resident 
aliens.  Without that marginal income, there would be much less to squander 
on pet projects.

Americans living abroad feel rather strongly about this issue.  The U.S. is 
the only developed country which taxes its expat citizens.  American living 
in Japan pay local taxes on lots of stuff.  If they have children in school 
and their company subsidizes tuition for International schools, the 
Japanese government taxes those subsidies.  The tuition for a kindergarten 
child here exceeds the tuition charged by USC, would you believe?

If we kept a house in the States to return to, and if we rent it out, the 
U.S. and Japanese governments would each tax us on the income --- double 
taxation.  They tax us on any income from shares, interest, whatever.

What right does GAC have to disenfranchise us in ICANN?

Was that strong enough?  (Don't tell Becky I said it;-}


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