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[registrars] Fwd: Model Rules

Attached is a draft set of Model Rules that are proposed to be used in 
handling domain name disputes under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute 
Resolution Policy being finalized by ICANN's drafting committee.  

The Model Rules were prepared by WIPO in conjunction with a number of the 
competitive registrars, trademark owners and representatives of domain name 
holders.  The formulation of the Model Rules was the result of a considerable 
amount of cooperation among disparate interest groups.  The Model Rules have 
now been passed to the ICANN drafting committee to use in formalizing a 
uniform set of administrative rules for resolving disputes under the UDRP.

If you have comments on these Model Rules, they should be sent to any of the 
ICANN drafting committee members (all of whom are cc'd on this mail) for 

Jim Bramson
America Online, Inc.

Dear Registrars and Participants,

As promised, please find herewith a second revision of the Model Rules reflecting the edits discussed during yesterday's teleconference.

We, of course, support the initiative to circulate these rules as widely as possible for further comment and look forward to working with Mr. Touton and his colleagues towards their finalization.

Yours sincerely,

Francis Gurry
Assistant Director General and 
Legal Counsel
World Intellectual Property Organization