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[registrars] Drafting Committee update posted on behalf of Rita Rodin

Drafting committee update posted on behalf of Rita Rodin

Hello all -
I am writing to apprise you of a recent development that has arisen in
connection with my participation on the ICANN Drafting Committee.
I was advised tonight by Louis Touton that in light of the diverse interests
represented by the non-commercial/individual domain name holder
constituency, members of that constituency felt that they were not
adequately represented by having only one member on the committee. ICANN has
therefore decided to appoint to the Drafting Committee an additional person
from that constituency.
In order to ensure the broadest possible acceptance of the Drafting
Committee's work, and to maintain balance within the Committee between the
non-commercial and intellectual property constituencies, ICANN has proposed
to also add an additional committee member from the business and
intellectual property constituency.  We understand that the additional
individuals from these constituencies are available to begin work
ICANN has determined that there is no need to add another representative of
the registrar constituency to the Committee.  This approach appears to make
sense in that it will allow a small committee to continue its work on an
expedited basis.  In addition, it does not affect any constituency's ability
to comment on the work of the Committee during the public comment period.
If you disagree with this approach, please let me know immediately by return
e-mail so that I may advise ICANN as soon as possible.  Best regards.

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